At ALIGN LONDON we aim to ensure that all clients feel welcome and included when using our mobile and in-clinic services. From decision-making about your treatment and care-plan, to onward referral if/when/where necessary, we operate a transparent service. Discrimination at any level will not be a part of our ethos.  


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that during every moment of your treatment (whether at-home or in-clinic) both therapist and client are as safe as possible. Below, you can read our full risk assessment, published in line with government guidelines.

The following information identifies the Covid-19-related risks that may be encountered when delivering services. The risk register and recommendations are based upon the new government guidance and in line with industry standards, to allow for safe practice during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. 

Before your appointment


  • Client/therapist or someone from within their household have recently been infected or in close contact with someone infected with Covid-19

  • Client is within the vulnerable population

  • Client is unaware of transmission risk

Mitigating actions: 

As per government guidance; we will be communicating with clients throughout the moments leading up to their booking to ensure that:

  • Client does not show any symptoms

  • Have not been in contact with someone displaying symptoms 

  • Have not been abroad in the last 14 days 

  • Understand the additional hygiene measures needed to proceed with their treatment (including use of PPE and sanitisation of equipment and public touch points).

  • All health questionnaires are completed in full and truthfully

Travelling to appointments


  • Contamination when using public transport through touching contaminated surfaces

  • Contamination of therapist equipment through touching contaminated surfaces 

  • Contamination through touching doorknobs, keypads and other privately located surfaces upon arrival in-clinic or at a client's home

Mitigating actions: 

  • Limiting time spent on public transport, consider booking treatments during available off-peak hours

  • Use of PPE whilst travelling publicly (gloves and masks)

  • Use of protective equipment for therapist's equipment

  • Leaving the doors open prior to client/therapist arrival

  • Cleaning doorknobs/keypads regularly and using disposable tissues to grab ahold of them where necessary 

During the delivery of the service


  • Therapist/client proceeding with treatment when displaying symptoms or have been exposed to coronavirus within the last 14 days

  • Contamination due to client's lack of understanding of the virus, how it spreads and how to prevent its further spread

  • Contamination due to poor ventilation

  • Contamination due to close proximity between the professional and client. However, massage is one service identified by the government where a service cannot be carried out with the 2m distance rule.​

Mitigating actions:

  • Therapist or client to quarantine for 7 days if symptoms displayed during treatment

  • Therapist has completed CPD accredited COVID19 transmission prevention training provided by an independent external provider (details of this available on request)

  • Clients are advised to be alone with the therapist in the room, unless safeguarding reasons are to be used

After the appointment


  • Professional or client develops symptoms in the 14 days following the booking

Mitigating actions:

  • Client to be contacted 14 days after their booking to confirm they haven’t developed any symptoms

  • Therapist to check themselves for symptoms according to NHS guidelines everyday before starting work.

  • Recorded booking information will allow to trace all contacts that occur in the community should any infection be reported.