What is Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Release?

Sports Massage is essentially an advanced form of deep tissue massage that aims to resolve complaints of soft tissue injury and dysfunction. The use of the word 'sports' in the title can be seen as misleading as you don't have to be an athlete or even lead an excessively active lifestyle to have muscular aches and pains. The process of sports massage ultimately designed to correct problems from over and underuse, strains and imbalance for all, even for those currently in a sedentary lifestyle.  

Some of the other benefits include:

  1. Prevention of injury (reoccurrence)

  2. Release of muscle tension

  3. Improved recovery

  4. The removal of waste

  5. Improved circulation, posture and flexibility

  6. Reduced duration/discomfort from the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

All types of day-to-day activities can have a profound affect on posture and muscular balance. At Align London the aim is to tailor your treatment programme, designed using the information you provide, coupled with the information gathered during your postural assessment. 


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