ALIGN LONDON MASSAGE was conceived in 2019 by Joké a soft tissue massage therapist. A creative based in Hackney who after many years of running, dancing and even kickboxing, was left plagued with chronic injuries and pains. 

With an intensive rehabilitation programme including regular sports massage, she started to notice positive changes in her own physical wellbeing and thus returned to the active lifestyle she once lived. This sparked her interest in the human biomechanics, rehabilitation and the power of touch.

The aim of ALIGN LONDON MASSAGE is to create an inclusive and dynamic studio open to all, with a particular focus on creating an environment for the BAME community to recognise themselves in the clientele, practitioners and even product range. 

We're happy to offer a small curated range of massages. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools and treatments to recover both in mind and body. From the clinic techniques found with our SPORT MASSAGE options, to the therapeutic techniques in our WARM BAMBOO MASSAGE, you're body's ability to align and adjust with be will our ultimate goal.


Please refer to our treatment list to learn more about our specialist massage range. SPORTIF, PROFOND and more.